Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Use google as calculator!!!!!

EduportalBD.comSuppose we need the result of 10x10 1.Go to google.Com 2.Write 10*10 in search box 3.Click search 4. Boss (google) will show the result!!!!Thank You

How to find your pc's configuration?

Windows xp: 1.Turn on pc 2.Right click on my computer 3.Click propertise >Windows7: 1.Same as win xp,just click personalized insted of propertise Its easy man...Try it!!!!!Thank You

How to find chipset model number of my phone??

EduportalBD.comConnect the phone to PC.Computer will show "Found new hardware"chosse "Mass storage". And your PC will your chipset model number.Example: MT6229 Then you can download your driver from internet......Thank You